Nine refugee camps stretch along the western Thailand's border with Myanmar. Thousands of refugees have lived here for decades. They came running from villages burned down in military attacks of the Myanmar army. Their homes were burned down, their crops destroyed, and their families murdered. Continued violence makes return home impossible. Although several international non-governmental organizations provide food, and hundreds of wooden houses with roofs made from leaves can be used as shelters in the camps, the sanitary and medical conditions are reprehensible, there is little or no employment, education for children is minimal and boredom breeds despair and depravity. Children, often orphaned, growing with no hope or future suffer the most.
Thailand Orphans Outreach in the Refugee Camp We work with national church leaders and teachers in the refugee camp, to make sure the kids we care for are part of whatever education they provide. SEA Ministry established care and built a bamboo house for twelve of the poorest orphans in the camp. We've given them the initial basics like hygiene products and dried food. Although the kids were used to hauling water in and cooking soups from snails gathered in the forest, they show many signs of malnutrition. Therefore we killed a pig and served them with several meals of fresh meat. We made sure that in the summer they've got mosquito nets and warm blankets in winter. Local leaders are also welcomed to our Leadership Training. Thailand Hill Tribes Refugees Outreach There are many refugees living in the hills at the border of Thailand and Burma. They try to survive as temporary field workers. We visit them frequently, helping with deliveries of rice, dry fish and basic medication. Whenever possible we send our dental / medical team over: Simon and Timothy walk several days through the jungle to help. They provide basic medical help as well as dental care. As we provide the help we also share the Gospel, worship with them and baptize those who come to believe in the Good News. Thailand Leadership Training and Education We work constantly with local Christian groups and churches. In August 2012 a one-week leadership training program was arranged for them. A total of 55 men and women were in attendance. A missionary from North America Mike Flinchum taught a two day seminar on the subject of Discipleship as modeled to us by Jesus. There was a time for worship and prayer as well.
We welcome missionaries, including youth ministries. It takes strong and fit people to hike in the mountains to visit tribes living in the hills. But often it is the only way to deliver food medications and Gospel. If you or your group is interested in being on these lifesaving teams please contact our Mission Trips Specialist from Warm Blankets Orphan Care we partner with. We need to be in your prayers. We depend on the Lord's provision and your prayers daily. If you are interested in updates from our Ministry, please share with us your e-mail address using form on the contact page. We need more support: Give to help out our new Grace Orphan Home in the refugee camp.
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